Your smartphones can soon have human like skin

Researchers have developed a new interface that allows phones, wearable or computers to "feel" sensations such as tickling, caressing, twisting and even pinching just as the human skin does.

The "Skin-On" interface, mimics human skin in appearance but also in sensing resolution. 

In the study, the researchers created a phone case, computer touch pad and smartwatch to demonstrate how touch gestures on the Skin-On interface can convey expressive messages for computer-mediated communication with humans or virtual characters.

The researchers demonstrated that tickling the skin can generate a laughing emoji on a phone while tapping it can create a surprising emoji.

"One of the main use of smartphones is mediated communication, using text, voice, video, or a combination," said the lead author of the study Marc Teyssier from Telecomm ParisTech in France. 

"We implemented a messaging application where users can express rich tactile emotions on artificial skin. The intensity of the touch controls the size of the emojis. A strong grip conveys anger while tickling the skin displays a laughing emoji and tapping creates a surprised emoji" Teyssier said.

The study scheduled to be presented at the 32nd ACM User Interface Software and Technology Symposium to be held in New Orleans in the US from October 20-23 takes touch technology to the next level.

The researchers adopted a bio-driven approach to developing the multi-layer, silicone membrane. This is made up of a surface textured layer, an electrode layer of conductive threads and a hypodermis layer. 

Not only is the interface more natural than a rigid casing, but it can also detect a plethora of gestures made by the end-users. 

As a result, the artificial skin allows devices to ''feel'' the user's grasp -- its pressure and location, and can detect interactions such as tickling, caressing, even twisting and pinching. Of course, the intention behind creating and developing such technology is to make life simpler. But we sure need to decide the fine line between tech ease and tech horror. The jump is just one click away. 

What are your thoughts on such out of the world technologies being brought to life? Does it scare you, does it give you the chills? Do you feel Netflix series Black Mirror turning into reality or are you on board for a total artificial tech life?? Let us know in the comments below. 

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