World's longest non stop flight

In a first of its kind journey, a non-stop Qantas New York to Sydney flight, deemed as the longest flight in the world to operate without any layovers is all set to take off today. The flight is scheduled to depart New York at 9 PM from the American Megapolis, which is the first of three test flights planned involving the new Boeing 757-9s aircraft which are set to cover new direct routes between Sydney, New York, and London. 

The flight will undertake a journey of 19 and a half hours covering a distance of 17,000 km. 

"Commenting on this development Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce said that the airline was "Excited to be taking existing research strategies to the next level by conducting interactive on-board research using rigorous scientific protocols".

The three tests set flight will operate more like an experiment lab as of now where six volunteer passengers and crew will be subjected to experiments like understanding the ways to reduce the impact of such a massive jet lag. Today’s flight will carry a total of 50 passengers. 

The on-board passengers will follow a rigorous plan to modulate their sleep, food and drink intake to understand the impact of such a long flight on their bodies. 

"Usually with night flights, passengers are provided with dinner shortly after take-off and then lights are turned off. But this may not necessarily be the best way to help reset a passenger's body clock to the destination time zone," Joyce explained.

"The study, which is the first of its kind in the world, will be conducted by scientists from the University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre as well as researchers from the government's Cooperative Research Centre for Alertness, Safety and Productivity, who will monitor the sleep cycles and alertness levels of the pilots and cabin crew."

The tests are part of Project Sunrise, Qantas' planned new direct flights from Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane to London and New York, which the airline wants to implement by 2022. At present, the world's longest direct flight is offered by Singapore Airlines, which links the city-state with Newark, New Jersey in 18.5 hours.

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