Wonder Women who took India to global domination

On 24thJanuary India celebrates National Girl Child Day to support and provide young girls with new horizons and opportunities. The day is celebrated to raise the awareness among people about all the, discrimination, inequalities exploitation faced by the girls in the society. 


National girl child day was first observed in 2008 by Ministry of women and Child Development to raise awareness among the country regarding the inequalities girls in the country are facing.  Inequality in terms of education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care, protection, child marriage, freedom etc. 


On National Girl Child day Observenow brings to you the women hero’s of the country who faced all odd and difficulties yet made India proud.  

Mohana Singh, Bhavna Kanth, Avni Chaturvedi- These three young girls etched their names in history when the trio was selected as the first batch of women combat fighter pilots in Indian Air Force.


Tania Sachdeva- She is the only Indian chess player who holds FIDE titles for International Masters and women’s grandmaster.


Indra Nooyi- Everyone knows about this dynamic woman and her achievements. But recently she added another feather to the cap when the White House declared that they are considering her as one of the candidates in the run for World Bank President.

Hima Das- This young girl from a small village in Assam gave inspiration to many when she won the 400 m race at the federation cup qualify  for the Commonwealth games. This daughter of a rice farmer has a long way to go. 

Gita Gopinath- Very few know this awe inspiring story of the chief economist of IMF (International Monetary Fund) is the first Woman to assume the position.

Image Credit- AIR and Twitter. 

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