Winning Stride : A Conversation with Pradipta Sahoo CHRO Karvy Fintech

In a conversation with Pradipta Kumar Sahoo Chief Human Resource Officer of Karvy Fintech Private limited about his Personal Interests: 

Q- What movie title best describes you?  Khuddar

Q- What’s your spirit animal?  Cheetah for the agility

Q- When I dance I look like a .?  Sunny Deol

Q -What is your favourite Quote?   Kal Kisney Dekha Hai

Q- Breakfast dates or dinner dates?  Arabian Dates instead!

Q- Last thing you watched on Netflix?  The movie I missed in theatre; Andha Dhun

Q- What quality of a person impresses you the most?  Honesty & Modesty 

Q- One of the craziest things you have done so far in your life?  Once got my head tonsured just like that

Q- If you had access to a time machine where would you go?  Not interested to see what’s in past. Would like to see a 1000 years hence, how the human race has evolved.

Q- What is your strategy to succeed in life? Pursue the Vision with Passion & Perseverance

Q- Which is the Best Book you read so far & why?  City of Joy.  Captured human emotions & relationship so lucidly

Q- What is the one thing you want to put in your bucket list right now?  To spend more time with my family & bit more with my own self

Q- Which fictional character would be the most boring to meet in real life? Narcissus  - He would be so self-obsessed

Q- If had the option to go anywhere in the world, which place would you choose?  Auroville

Q- Who’s your go-to band or artist when you can’t decide on something to listen to?   Kishore Kumar

Q- What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?  There are many things weird in life to experiment; why to fiddle with food!

Q- Your favourite Political Person & why? Of late, Narendra Modi.  Nil scandals, Bold Political & Socio-Economic Moves, Great Orator, Strong Willed.

Q- What’s the first place you would go to if you are invisible?  To check what actually transpires among the Political leaders of the recently formed “Maha Gath Bandhan”. How they cajole each other despite years of animosity.

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