Why are women from Haryana saying - #MaiDarpokHoon

For the last 48 days, the country has been under lockdown and social distancing is the norm that is to be followed. In these times, when various celebrities are going digital and urging people to stay indoors, Hamdard Laboratories (Medicinal Division) has launched a unique campaign #MaiDarpokHoon to raise awareness about social distancing and staying indoors. 


Creative Campaigning 

What makes this campaign unique is that it is creating a paradox by stating that even the strongest are in a state of fear due to the COVID-19 crisis. 

It is also interesting because Hamdard chooses to film women of Haryana in the campaign instead of men. 


Sisters raising awareness 

The campaign that is live on digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Hotstar is joined by Commonwealth gold medallists Phogat Sisters - Geeta and Babita Phogat and Rifle Daadis - Prakash and Chandro. 

The campaign is shot indoors and is asking people to follow the guidelines set by the Government of India.


What is the campaign saying?

‘Ye Dushman hai tedha, Akalmandi hai saamne iske darpok bane rehna..


Mai Darpok Hoon, Tabhi toh mai safe hoon’ are the lines that are being said by the Phogat sisters and Rifle Daadis, stating clearly that it’s wise to be scared of the virus and irresponsible to show any kind of ‘foolish courage’ during the pandemic. In addition to that, it is also advising people to use masks, stay indoors, washing hands, and follow other social distancing rules. 


Hamdard team 

The campaign has been conceptualized by Pranav Harihar Sharma, Creative Consultant, Marketing, Hamdard Laboratories. 

‘We choose a slightly unconventional way of sending out the message to the audience’ said Suman Varma, Chief Marketing Office, Hansard Laboratories (Medicine division).


The campaign indeed is unconventional and creative and is sure to grab attention. In addition to this, the fans of these fearless women will certainly follow everything they are advising them to. The campaign deserves special mention for filming women from Haryana, the state hasn't been very friendly towards women. 



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