Unequal Pay for women still a reality in the world of sports

There has been a dynamic change in the world of sports for women but is there a change in the pay scale? The answer is No.

A federal district court’s decision to dismiss the equal pay claims of the members of US Women’s National Team - US Soccer is proof to my answer. The decision is a major blow to the policies that various organizations adapted after the #MeToo movement including equal pay for women. Even after signing a collective bargain agreement by the Women’s National Basketball Association, an agreement that tripled compensation of top players, there is a gulf between the salaries of men’s team and women’s team.

Back home, before COVID, Indian sportswomen broke all the records - Sachin’s record by Shafali and the digital viewership numbers during the Women’s World Cup. 

In the West, brands have started seeing women’s sports as equally important as men’s sports. Campaigns like Always’ ‘Like a Girl’ in 2014 and Sport England’s ‘This Girl Can’ of 2015 have paved the way. In India, we seem no way closer. BCCI has been giving bad deals to women players and it has not changed in the new contract also. While the categories for Men are A+, A, B, and C, for Women the categories are A, B, C. 
Men from the A+ category get 7 crores a year and women get Rs. 50lakh.

There are no great tournaments like the IPL for women. The pay scale screams inequality, yesterday’s decision adding to it. Every decision towards an unequal pay scale is a threat to the world where opportunities will be equal irrespective of gender.

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