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Unspoken in collaboration with Pleasin Strides Foundation has started a web series CHANGE - The Parivartan aimed upon Sustainable Development goals (SDGs) set by United Nations General Assembly, and their  significance in Indian context.


The 7th webinar of the series took place on 23rd July 2020 via zoom. The panelists sat to discuss the topic "CSR for SDG and collective action for scale up."


The session was hosted by Mr. Sagar Kaushik, Shashi Kaushik and Mr. Nagendra Singh Bisht. The panelists for the session were:


  • Mr. Arvind Bhodankar, Jt. Executive President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Ultra Tech Cement
  • Ms. Akanksha Sharma, Head CSR and Sustainability, Sterlite Technologies
  • Mr. Joydeep Sen Head CSR (New Ventures), Cairn Oil & Gas
  • Mr. Praveen Karn, Head Group CSR, Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group
  • The Session was moderated by Dr. K. K. Upadhyay.

The session started off with an opening statement where Dr. Upadhyay emphasised upon SDGs and how they aim at a better and more beautiful future for all. The platform was then handed to Mr. Arvind Bodhankar where he focused  more on monetary parameters in terms of companies turn - overs and how they stand inefficient for fulfilling the required goal and therefore, there has to be collective participation.  He also stated that 80-90% of projects are taking place in states like  Maharashtra, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and rest 20% in eastern states like Assam and  Nagaland. whereas, backward states are left behind. Through this he pointed out that companies prefer to set up projects near their manufacturing sites.

Ms. Akanksha Sharma concentrated more on how inclusivity could be achieved. "Embrace inclusivity right at institutional level and it cannot be left to one enterprise". She focused on how  everyone can deploy more  equitable resources in partnership. But what makes this conceivable, is the fact that each of the SDGs are interrelated in a very distinctive way and opens up many opportunities for innovations and partnerships. The new normal has clearly taught us to explore possibilities leveraging technology for social good. We need to also develop an enabling environment allowing not just collective action, but also progressive growth for each stakeholder leading to a more equitable and better future."

Mr. Joydeep Sen highlighted that, In this Covid 19 pandemic world, it has become much more important that corporates and CSR play an important role in achieving SDG targets. Particularly need to create employment, ensure prosperity for all, reduce vulnerabilty of social economically poor and sustainable use of natural resources. The other important driver will be building partnetship between Corporates partnering with government to further government development goal linked to SDG,Partnering with communities and empowering them to made accountable for SDG targets, Partnering with Niti Aayog to make policy level changes and implement at state, district and grass root level.

Mr. Praveen Karn emphasized  more on the overlapping of SDGs and CSR. In context to this he said that Schedule 7  of Section 135 are those set of programmes which are guiding principles for achieving those 17 SDGs. The idea is same i. e. Development. He also stresses upon  P-P-P (Public, Private and Partnership). He laid more focus upon private - private partnership as government would not be there for everything and people - private partnership where panchayats can play a crucial role. Mr. Praveen Karn said that The agenda is development and same problem trickles down everywhere, everyone is addressing SDG somewhere. It is important to focus on How we can  scale up and establish set of program to supplement bigger agenda of SDG. He said this in answer to the question put up by Mr. Sagar Kaushik. Whereas, the Dialogue ended through addressing of 7Ps that are crucial for efficient functioning by Mr.Karn

1.       Identify today's problem

2.       Prioritise

3.       Plan

4.       Partner

5.       Pursue

6.       Penetrate

7.       Perceive


Aditi Nagpal                

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