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The Great Indian E-Commerce Battle: Amazon-Flipkart-Reliance Jio pour millions in India market

While the country grapples with the deadly second wave of the pandemic, with major lockdowns in place. India’s E-Commerce giants are involved in a cold war of deliveries and high consumer numbers. With the rise of Reliance Jio mart, other major players in the e comm battle Flipkart and Amazon are getting anxious with each passing day and are pouring in millions to stay in the game.

5 golden rules to follow if your company has given you a permanent Work From Home

While Indian’s grapple with the next wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, remote working is going to be ‘The next normal’. If you have struggled to bring in the discipline it requires to bring in office-level productivity, ObserveNow has some tips and tricks that can help you adjust to this new way of life.

Bahrain is the new Maldives for India’s richest

?With many countries banning flights in and out of the country, India’s super-rich has found refuge in the middle east to pass off the crisis back home in luxury. With UAE joining the list of countries that banned travel from India, Bahrain has emerged as the top pick for Richie Rich. Bahrain has three non-stop flights per week from Delhi and one from Mumbai.

Jeff Bezos begins a new era in space by flagging off Space Tourism

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ rocket company Blue Origin has announced that it will launch its first astronaut crew to space via its New Shepard spacecraft on July 20, in what could trigger private commercial space travel.

Fasting on Ekadashi can boost your immunity; Learn how

Ekadashi is the 11thday after the full moon and new moon every month. The reason why it is considered an auspicious day for Hindus to fast is more scientific than religious. It is a proven fact that on certain days our bodies require less or even no food to attain their much-needed detox and cleansing. Ekadashi is one such day.

Travelling to the Middle East will be easier in a post pandemic world

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has forced travel to a halt and shut international borders, unprecedented reforms taking place in the Middle East will make traveling around the region easier. The tourism developments that seem to be happening at once, have been in the works for decades, especially as Gulf countries start to actively move their economies away from being so reliant on oil.

Companies are now selling Fresh Air in a bottle

The question here is how does one really know if they are selling ‘air’ as it is colorless, odorless, and even invisible. Moreover, even if the claims are true how does one inhale a little bit of air in one go and save the rest in the bottle. Wouldn’t it just escape and mix in the air around us the minute we open the bottle. Another bizarre thing is that a Switzerland-based company ‘Genuine Mountain Air’sells the most expensive air from the Swizz Alps for almost Rs 12,500.

UK's spy agency MI5 is offering exclusive sneak peaks on Instagram

MI5’s social media content will bust popular myths about its work, explain the world of intelligence, promote career opportunities, and bring to life events in MI5’s 112-year past