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Twitter warned of phone country code leak two years ago — but did nothing, security researcher says

Twitter now says that the bug may have been abused by nation-state actors.

AT&T is turning on 5G access for its new mobile hotspot this week

Those who pick up the router will be able to access the new network speeds in Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Louisville, Oklahoma City, New Orleans, Raleigh, San Antonio and Waco. Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Nashville, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose are all coming early next year.

SpaceX said to be raising $500M to help fund internet service

citing people familiar with the matter. The company is said to be raising the capital in part to help fund its ambitious Starlink internet service project.

Elon Musk’s vision of an “entirely new system of transport

Nor is it an electric vehicle, like the Teslas he is producing at a factory in Fremont, California.

Huawei calls on Western nations to show proof of security risk

Tech giant rejects accusations it is controlled by China's Communist Party or designs equipment to facilitate spying.

Elon Musk's Moon mission and the depressing near-future of space

Space is hard and in the race between Musk the Hare and Nasa the Tortoise, you would be a fool to bet on the former

Xiaomi to launch Mi Pay in India

"Mi Pay's biggest advantage is its deep integration within MIUI which makes transferring payments to contacts and vendors extremely easy," Xiaomi writes in its report.

Tesla's share drops by 7.5 percent following price cuts in China

Elon Musk's futuristic Spaceflights

The star ship which was previously named BFR is the key to the next phase of Space X plans.

'Unfairly detained': Ex-Nissan boss Ghosn protests innocence

He forged an unlikely three-way alliance between Mitsubishi Motors, Renault and Nissan that now outsells any other rival group.