Social media and education in 2020

The world today is witnessing a digital revolution across all the industries and sectors. The development of technology has led to the advent of a plethora of digital marketing methods that are being embraced by brands of every scale for years now. Whether it is a startup, an SME, or an MNC, digital marketing works for everyone, if done efficiently. Digital marketing refers to carrying out the process of marketing online.  


Education is a rapidly changing industry, and social media plays a vital role in its round the clock transformation. Establishments and institutes everywhere are now utilizing the power of digital platforms to enhance their reach, to expand their growth, and to meet their goals. At present, a brand enormously relies upon its digital presence for not only building credibility, but also for fulfilling its business objectives.


 It’s the same when it comes to the education world; colleges are extensively focusing on being adequately visible on the internet. One of the most prominent reasons behind this is that the people these educational institutes want to reach and target are mostly young aspirants or professionals, the people of Gen Y and Gen Z, who are the most tech-savvy and digitally aware individuals this world has observed. 


There are numerous purposes digital media is fulfilling for institutes and colleges. Marketing is one such purpose and probably the most pervasive one. Social Media platforms have been introducing new tools and methods required for effective online marketing and institutes have made full use of these tools and techniques for effective advertising. Building brand credibility is another purpose that is fulfilled through digital media since most of the people are active on these platforms today. 


The online presence of an institute becomes its identity for the rest of the world. Informing the target audience about the new courses, workshops, competitions, fests, etc. is another advantage social media has provided to colleges. Improved rankings, increased profits, increased conversions, accessibility to instant feedback, measurable results, building and maintaining customer relationships are some of the most significant benefits social media offers to institutes and colleges. 


Institutes are now upgrading their curriculum and implementing new tactics for imparting knowledge in order to assure that the students are updated with everything happening around and to ensure that they are equipped with essential skills and competencies for a successful career. Since the demand for digital marketing professionals has been on the rise and is expected to only increase in the years to come, institutes are now designing and curating exclusive courses to create adept digital experts. 


The lives of the students have also drastically changed with the progressing social media platforms. It is easy for them to fetch all the necessary information about subjects, syllabus, assignments exams, etc., to connect with relevant people and build a network, to carry out the application process conveniently, to gain knowledge about various courses, to research for their projects and a lot more. 


Everything is now possible with a touch or a few clicks. Social Media heavily influences the college life of students today; they effectively utilize the platforms by making subject and topic-based groups for interaction, sending broadcasts and alerts, hosting discussions, creating class blogs, etc. 


Social Media has not only made it easier for the institutes to achieve its goals and enliven their vision, but the power of impactful communication in the digital space has also revolutionized the process of learning for the students.

Author- Mr. Vikram Kumar, Managing Director, SRV Media.


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