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A few years ago attractions were a company, brand and Job security, which made life easy to hire, retain and on-board. Talent today and Millennial Tomorrow expect unique, more versatile magnets to get attracted. Whether it is fun at work, co-working spaces, flexible work hours, more vibrant role changes, Innovation in roles and many more.

The HR role has necessarily changed from Resource to Human Aspect. Today’s HR has more than hiring and pay-rolling, they juggle all the way from soft marketing to branding that brings in retention, succession and made new hiring more meaningful and productive.


We see HR being more effective and hands-on with subjects of productivity, performance and scale, while these were more process driven with systematic tools, unlike earlier in today’s era these need to be dealt with right from initial stages and detailed planning and matrix is laid down to monitor and drive such avenues.

Business & Companies expect more and more of HR as a function and have been instrumental in laying direct P&L and productivity linked Benefits and Business Plans,  My Idea on why people leave jobs is clearly an aspect of self-analysis, people are good and companies are good. The biggest challenge is the bridge that needs to be built that creates the buying to the role by both parties.”


Indian HR Leaders are highly focusing on L&D, while the Global Markets have fleeting budgets India is up for skilling and developing. Each Leader is persuasive to build a universal learning culture and growth development program for their employees. Shared Services, Pharma and Technology firms are heavily inculcating the need to build a stronger learning culture. CHROs and their teams seek improvised learning technologies.


Right from Smart Automation tools that have made hunting Jobs more effective and advance to Rising in People Analytics as another influential factor that has improved people productivity and performance to a very large extent. HR Leaders are extensively using and bring in proactive measuring tools to restore employee satisfaction, professional development achievements and performance, the emphasis on workplace culture has changed HR’s role, making it more strategic and collaborative. By now, most successful company leaders understand the impact HR processes can have on the overall success of the organisation.


On the other hand, the Rise of remote work and Employee Wellness has overall reduced the per employee cost. Given the cost savings, employee demand for flexibility, and growing technological advances that keep a remote workforce engaged, remote work is a trend that will continue to grow in the coming years that has infused by our HR fraternity. Surveys state more than 70% of the knowledge workers would leave their current job for a full-time remote work position if the pay was equal.

Millennial and young aspirants seek perks and remuneration over and above the basic pay package, what matters to them is how much flexibility and freedom a company can offer. Work-from-home, telecommuting, flexible working hours are a special liking today. Wellness programmes are initiatives driven by Indian Organizations more seriously in the recent past – and the trend is here to stay.


As we move ahead of 2019, HR leaders will continue to take a holistic people-first approach with the help of tech and digitisation offering customised services and experience to companies that are focusing on revolutionising the overall employee journey.

Leaders shall practice advanced and digital technologies to strengthen and augment the HR toolkit. In turn, HR will play a new, enhanced role in this landscape. HR will be instrumental in preparing the workplace and the workforce for the tsunami of changes ahead. In doing so, HR professionals will also need to carefully ride the wave of change, rather than be swamped by it.

This article is written by  Munira Loliwala. Business Head – EMPI, Teamlease Services

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