Ramadan is all about reconnecting with God

Ramadan- the ninth and most important month of the Muslim calendar is here. For this entire, Muslims all over the world will pray and fast in this holy month and try to reconnect with God. 


ObserveNow brings to you a few important concepts you need to know about Ramadan: 


What is Ramadan? 


Derived from the Arabic word Al-Ramad, Ramadan means intense heat or burning that follows. As experienced by those who fast. It is said that fasting during Ramadan cleanses a Muslim of his/her sins. Observing Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam, that every Muslim must fulfill


How to wish Ramadan to Muslim? 

The best way to convey Ramadan wishes to a Muslim is by saying Ramadan Mubarak or saying Ramadan Kareem- which means have a blessed Ramadan. 


Why do Muslims fast during Ramadan?

This is a question widely asked by people around the world. Now the main reason for fasting during this time is that this month in the Islamic calendar is dedicated to spiritual growth and reconnection with God for a Muslim. The idea is to give up earthly pleasure for a while and focus on prayers, Qur’an, and charity. 


Rules of Fasting


The basic rules for fasting for a Muslim are actually in the benefit of the community rather than an imposition as believed widely by the non-Muslim world. 

·     Children below the age of 13 need not fast 

·     Pregnant women and menstruating women are exempted 

·     Muslims traveling (male and female) are exempted. 

·     People suffering from any health problems are also exempted. 

·     For those Observing the fast they are required to abstain from food and drinks from Dusk to Dawn. 


Themes of Ramadan: 


·     Sharing

·     Charity

·     Worship 

·     Qur’an


When does Ramadan end?

 After 30 long days of fasting, praying, spiritual purification, and reconnection with God. The month ends with a three-day celebration of Eid-Al-Fitra. Time for breaking the fast and exchanging gifts with loved ones.


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