Narendra Modi: The Digital PM

We have seen PM Narendra Modi’s media friendly avatar quiet strongly and evidently in the past 5 years. His Instagram presence and the way he uses it, is just like any other insta frenzy millennial out there. 


He is always active on every social media platform and leaves no stone unturned to reach out each and every voter in the country. 


Amid all the controversy surrounding Modi Biopic, Modi Web series and the NAMO TV Channel. The digital PM has found out a really creative way of reaching out to the masses of the country, without violating any rules of the Election Commission. 


The bone of Contention now- BansiLal Ji ka Parivaar


Welcome the Youtube series BansiLal Ji ka Parivaaraka BJP. This is a five part Youtube series (only available on the party’s Youtube Channel). The series depicts the story of a quintessential middle class family in North India and how their now daily struggles are made easy due to the BJP Government. 

Each episode 7-8 mins long quickly wraps up the benefits given to the middle class by government schemes. The tag line- 2014-2019. 




What really needs to be appreciated here is the creativity of the makers and Modji’s ideas of a revision right before exam night. Each episode shows how a seemingly unsolvable problem can be resolved thanks the savior Narendra Modi. 


For instance- 

1-The Grandmother is ailing due to age so the son asks her to eat healthy else the family budget would get disturbed due to heavy pricing on pharmaceuticals. However, she reminds everyone that Modi has reduced the price of drugs in half. 

2- A cousin of the family joins Indian Army and is telling others that the government has given us a free hand now and provided us with heavy automated artillery. ...




Now many might suggest that the whole exercise is Modiji’s way of ‘influencing’ the voters. But contrary to that belief as the show only airs on the party’s Youtube channel and hasn’t been publicized anywhere. 


This makes it a form of direct publicity which is permissible as per the Election Commission of India . 


Every other party in the game is doing their direct publicity. Mostly in the traditional manner. 


 But times have changed if the PM today wants to reach out to the youth and speaks to them in a language they understand. Then why not? If nothing it sure does give the millennials and baby boomers the confidence that someone in the center understands their needs and way of life. 



India is a democratic country and eventually the majority of voters will decide who will sit on the ‘throne’.

And as long as any party is not trying to influence the voters and is just reminding them of what it has done in its reign but with a twist of creativity. We suppose there is no harm in that. 

What do you think of the campaign? Let us know in the comments below? We will spread the word out. 

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