Most Powerful Secret Services of the World

The security of any nation depends mainly on two factors. The external security forces like the army, navy and the air force. And the intelligence services that protect us from any external threats. Almost all the countries in the world have their own intelligence services but of course, some are more powerful than the others.  


ObserveNow brings to you the most powerful security services of the world: 



1-  RAW-Research and Analysis Wing. This is India’s very own secret intelligence service. Headquartered in New Delhi, RAW’s primary aim is to monitor the activities going around in our neighbouring countries. And detect potential threats of violence and terrorism. India’s best spies are spread out on a secret mission all the time in almost all the countries of the world to keep us safe and protected. RAW was established in1968.


2-  MOSSAD- The Israeli secret service is the most powerful intelligence network in the world. Head Quartered in Tel Aviv, Israel MOSSAD has conducted a few of the world’s most daring undercover operations.  Including the ‘Wrath of God’ the operation to track down and kill all the members of the PLO(Palestinian Liberation Organization) who were responsible for the killing of 11 Israeli athletes in Munich. It was formed in 1949.


3-  CIA-The Central Investigation Agency is America’s intelligence agency headquartered in Fairfax USA. It is a pillar of strength for their global domination.  It plays a major role in maintaining peace and internal security in the country. It also is on a constant vigilance on happenings in the other countries of the world. And helps to shape US foreign policy. It was founded in 1947. 

4-  MI6-You have probably heard about this one in all the James Bond films. Military Intelligence 6 is the secret service of the United Kingdom.  Headquartered in London and helps to maintain peace and fight against terrorism in the British territory. It was established in the time of Queen Elizabeth 1 in 1909.


5-  Ministry of State Security China-The Chinese secret service agency headquartered in Beijing maintains the internal security of the People’s Republic from external spies and foreign invasion to Chinese state secrets. It was founded in 1983. 

6-  FSS-Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. Headquartered in Lubyanka. The Russian secret service is responsible for counterterrorism, counterespionage, fight against organized crime, and drug smuggling. It was formed in 1995. 

7-  ISI-Inter-services Intelligence is the secret intelligence service of Pakistan. Headquartered in Islamabad. The agency is responsible for gathering, processing and analyzing national security information around the world. It was founded in 1948. 

8-  Illuminati-Okay this is a bonus one. This is the oldest secret service in the world. Founded in May 1776, this secret society was responsible for the oppression of superstition, religious influence over public life and the state abuses of power. Although officially this was banned about 100 years later. But conspiracy theorists argue that it is still running and in operation and controls, maintains the world order.  

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