Mobile Market will cross 5 billion in next 5 years: Arun Gupta CEO & Founder MoMAGIC Technologies

Born and brought up in a small town of Madhya Pradesh, Mr Arun Gupta considers himself a simple man of Hindi medium. But contrary to popular belief Mr Gupta has overcome all the societal notions about students from Hindi medium and set up India’s fastest growing Mobile Marketing company Mo MAGIC. 

The company has grown several folds since its inception In 2011 and today has a team of 200+ and international R&D & Business centres in Taiwan and Bangladesh which is the second largest E Comm venture a JV of MoMAGIC with the leading OEMs of the country.

In an exclusive interview with ObserveNow Mr Gupta talks about his journey, MoMAGIC, and mobile marketing future of India. 


Edited excerpts from his interview:  


Q- Briefly take us through your entrepreneurial journey so far? 

It is a dream journey for me. I have been dreaming about being an entrepreneur since the beginning of my professional career. I started MoMAGIC in 2011 and now we are almost 8 years old. I was born and brought up in a small town of Ratlam in MP. And I am a typical Hindi guy. So there is a learning here- if people think a Hindi medium guy cannot run an international company. I am a living example that they can.


When I started off MoMAGIC my ex-employer Media Tech decided to join me. First few years were very challenging. But fortunately, we made a few right decisions and decided to join the Bangladesh market. 


That really helped us to recover our base. In 2015 one of the largest Mobile Manufacturers FoxCon came on board and invested in us. And here we are a 200 plus people company and we are doing a lot in the mobile marketing space. 


Q- How is MoMAGIC causing market disruption in India right now?  

From 2012 Mobile phones started growing from feature phones to smartphones. And we also adapted our self in that way. We started off with our services into the push market, eventually to the pull market just like the consumer behaviour at the time.  


We started to understand the market/consumer behaviour and hence built our own data science platforms. We built this platform by building an R&D platform in Taiwan. Now we have around 15 cr plus user base which we analyze on a regular basis to monitor consumer behaviour.  


Q- Where do you think India stands today in terms of Mobile Marketing, how do you presume the future would be like? 

I think from a mobile tech point of view India is still at a nascent stage. I think this market is going to take a very big shift in the next 4-5 years. In coming time mobile marketing will be a huge part of the digital marketing business. 


This market is expected to move from 800 million to 5 billion in the next 5 years. The change in the way of 4 G internet use and the dawn of 5 G will also change the landscape of the mobile marketing business in India. 


Q- What are the two distinguishing factors that make MoMAGIC stand out from its competition? 

Two things that make us a leader in the mobile marketing segment are: 

·     Our Datapoints 

·     And the way we process our data points. 


Q- Give our readers a few tips on your workforce management skills? 

Workforce management is a pretty challenging task to do for any organization. Especially today in startups where the attrition rate is really high. It is really important to understand what your employee wants and ensure their dreams are getting fulfilled as well while they are helping you to fulfill yours. 


At MoMAGIC we make sure this happens to each of our team members. I connect with all my employees on a personal level. Plus we have an open door policy. No appointments required to meet me. We also do a quarterly all-employee meeting where I am interacting with all the employees. These little practices will make big changes to your organization.


Q- What is the most difficult thing about being a CEO?    


I think the most difficult thing for an entrepreneur to handle are people’s emotions. 

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