Meet the SociallyGood CEO

Bhaskar Enaganti is the Founder and CEO of SociallyGood, the world’s first online engagement platform bringing together the main stakeholders of the social sector, including non-profits, CSRs, and individuals. He was featured as one of the ‘Icons of Indian IT’, in the book written by Professor S.Sadagopan, Director of IIIT Bangalore. In an exclusive interview with Observe Now he talks to us about his latest venture, his growth strategies, and the company’s future plans. 

Edited Excerpts from his interview: 

Q- In today's time organizations are more active in social work so how do you see this change in the society?


While in past Indian companies like Tata, Birla, Modi, Poddar,  PSG, Ranbaxy etc invested in social causes more closer to their areas of operations. Recently with the advent of knowledge-based industries and expansion of urban life Companies have realized they have a to play a key role in social causes as they realize the governments of the day may of limitation of resources. 


They also realize while other actors like non-profits and think tanks can plug the hole, there is a need for sustained actions. With an educated workforce that looks to work-life balance beyond self and availability of mandated investment by regulations, companies see they can play an important role in social work.


They can not only ensure the availability of high-quality manpower in enough quantity to address issues where governments can’t. But also run sustained programs without any interventions to see outcomes are realized. Companies also realize investment and participation in social work has lots of value on corporate and employee branding.


Q- The social sector is one of the most disorganized markets so how do plan to bring it on a single platform?


A social sector like any other sector has its imperfections. There are scores of NGO which are doing great work. But unfortunately, they can’t reach the right donor or volunteer. There are many socially conscious individuals who want to engage with an NGO, but can't because they don’t know how good they are, what comes out of working with and who the beneficiaries are and how NGOs work makes a difference. Same is with CSR teams of various organizations. 


They have a mandate to invest in a couple of areas. Many would continue to invest in NGO they already working with, even if they are not very happy with the results. Lack of information, matching the supply and demand on both donation and volunteering side, transparency (of where the donations are being invested, who is benefitting), trust building, increase of reach (not limited to geographical markets), and personalization are the benefits which a market place brings.

Sociallygood as the world first marketplace is bringing efficiencies in search, allocation, trust, and M&E for the social sector


 Q- What is your strategy to reach out to your clients and what is your goal?


Sociallygood clients are three groups: nonprofits, volunteers and CSR companies. We are reaching out to nonprofits and CSR companies directly and through our partner's sales teams. We also extensively use social media and email marketing to reach out to both NGO and CSR companies. 


Participation in events and think tank meets is giving us visibility and platform to meet major NGOs, donor foundations, family offices, etc. On the volunteer side, we have several programs including campus ambassadorship, employee changemaker, CSR champion, etc to drive volunteer registration and participation. Our immediate goal is 5000 NGOs and 50,000 volunteers by FY2019.


Q- How is your journey so far and where do you see your organization in the next 3 years?


The journey so far has been very positive and encouraging. We have onboard NGO not just in India, but also USA and Trinidad and Tobago. We have already close to 100 NGO which have successfully raised donations and importantly ran campaigns and volunteering drives.


Next 3 years, we see ourselves working with nonprofits in India, USA, Canada, Europe, Asian, but also in the African continent. Our plan is to connect other areas of social work including program management, M&E, professional services, and skilled professionals so that the world can see more good done by the nonprofits and their supporters.

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