Kashi Corridor: The new face of Varanasi

The Kashi-Vishwanath corridor project is Modi’s ambitious 600 crore project. The idea is to clear 45,000 square meters of the area around the Kashi temple and create dedicated 50 ft pathways around it.  

The government claims this will ease the congestion on all 4 four entrances to the temple and make the area more tourist-friendly. The government also plans to set up a hospital, rest houses, shops, cafeterias and help desks in the 3 km radius to the temple.  

"The project which was set in motion in March 2018, aims to demolish all the buildings surrounding in that area most of which are residential housing built in the 17-18-19th century. While the idea sounds good on the surface, there is a lot more to it" 

By the demolition, the Temple area will be pretty much converted into a modern-day mall-like complex. Even though convenient for tourists, the 1000 years old essence of the city could be lost.  The residents and businessmen in the area are not being given any other accommodation or business complexes but minimum compensations.  

5 lakh for shops and 10 lakh for houses. There is also a mosque in the sacred temple area built by Aurangzeb which now stands exposed dude to the ongoing demolition drive in Kashi.  

The minority Muslim community fears this could be the next Babri Masjid. As per the locals, a hushing chant can be heard in Kashi- Ayodhya to bus Jhanki hai, Kashi aur Mathura Baki hai. The demolition of thousands of years old cultural heritage of Kashi is painful for the residents.  

Some locals and journalists have also claimed that many ancient temples were also destroyed in the demolition. Only time will tell if Modi's ambitious project will redefine the landscape of Kashi. 

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