Is Hardik Pandya as guilty as charged?

Indian cricketers Hardik Pandya & K.L Rahul have been embroiled in a big controversy post their misogynistic comments on a popular chat show Koffee with Karan. When the two young cricketing sensations appeared in what back then looked harmless may now cost them their entire future. 


The episode caused such havoc in their lives and on social media that streaming platform Hotstar pulled down the episode featuring the young men.

While the players still are awaiting their full extent of punishment, both especially Hardik has been slammed across social media platforms by thousands of people for their racist, sexist comments. Women of India seem to have taken a personal offence to the entire episode and seem to have joined the line of fire in some controversial comments relating to the cricketers. 

India’s refined dating culture


Young India is living in Tinder times. Hardik’s comments on his ‘consensual hookup’s’ is nothing but a mere reflection of young India’s dating culture.  Have you ever come to think of the fact that Pandya would not have had the so called disgusting misogynistic encounters if his women friends were unwilling?  Pandya’s comments which came across as indictment could very well be personal assessments and choices of all the individuals involved. 


It might be difficult for a lot of Indians to comprehend, but yes today Indian women are enjoying a higher form and choice of sexual liberation than their previous generations were condemned to even think about. 


The only sane explanation to this hate towards this young promising cricketer is society’s acceptance and grudges of people having happy pre-marital sex lives. 

The latest Social Media Storm 


Pandya’s open attitude towards his personal life is riding the latest social media storm and is being blown out of proportions. At this point in time it is actually a fight between the nation and one poor fellow, who was nothing more than honest, silly and chose to share his personal strong friendly equation with his parents on a public platform.


On one hand we are encouraging people to talk about periods, sexual encounters, not talking about consensual sex just seems an ironical hypocrisy of life.  All of us sitting at home sipping our evening Koffees have been judges and tried him in our ‘People’s court of Ethics’ and charged him guilty.  


But where is his right to freedom of speech, where is his right to expression of self. How can his comments made on a chat show with the tag line- “Stop Making Sense” in a personal capacity be used to charge him professionally? 


While many young Indians go through the most horrific times of their lives because they can’t be friendly with their parents. When Pandya admitted to be open to his parents, why did that make each and every one of us so uncomfortable? Isn’t that a sign for a changing India . A bolder, better protected India. And something we all dream of. 


Pandya’s ‘Crimes’ 


In no way do we advocate or support the hurtful comments made by the cricket star. They were in fact pretty disappointing and showed extremely poor public conduct for a celebrity.


But when Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt openly boasted of sleeping with 350 plus women (excluding prostitutes). Admitted of doing each and every drug on the planet, was accused of terrorism, went to jail, rehab…. The list goes on. NO one ever objected to that form of conduct? We rather made a100 cr grossing Bollywood movie out of it and gave him more resources, power to continue his choice of lifestyle. Then why this disparity with Pandya? 


What we as social judges in society need to understand is that he comes from a humble background, gave up his education at an early age for a career ambition which he actually managed to achieve. And now his entire life is in jeopardy because he chose to be vocal about his thoughts seems a bit unfair. 


Former Cricketing star Harbhajan Singh has shown his extreme disappointment in the two accused and said he will not be comfortable with his wife and daughter around them. Isn’t he the same dude who slapped one of his juniors on filed and on live TV. A grave offense in the cricket & moral world. Where were the society’s moral Police back then? 


Pandya’s is in depression at the moment isn’t talking to media, and is not even stepping out of the house due to shamming and bullying all across. He has already apologized. Now it’s time for us as a nation to forgive him. Give him proper counselling on what and how a man of his repute is supposed to think and treat women.


We as a society need to stop mental and emotional conditioning of our peers. We need to stop categorizing people and start treating them as humans first. And let’s face it we all make mistakes and hope to be forgiven. Let us be the bigger person here and try to forgive this talented young lad. And put his best capabilities to use for the benefit of the entire nation. 


Let’s make peace 

Let’s make Love 

Let’s be kind 

Let’s be forgiving.  


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