Huawei calls on Western nations to show proof of security risk

The chairman of Huawei has challenged the United States and other governments to provide evidence for claims the Chinese tech giant is a security risk as the company launched a public relations effort to defuse fears that threaten its role in next-generation communications.

Talking to reporters invited to Huawei Technologies Ltd's headquarters, Ken Hu complained on Tuesday that accusations against the biggest global maker of network equipment stem from "ideology and geopolitics". He warned that excluding Huawei from fifth-generation networks in Australia and other markets would hurt consumers by raising prices and slowing innovation.

Australia and New Zealand have barred Huawei in 5G networks on security grounds. They joined the United States and Taiwan, which have broader curbs on Huawei. Japan's cyber security agency says suppliers including Huawei that are deemed high-risk will be excluded from government purchases.

"If you have proof or evidence, it should be made known," said Hu. "Maybe not to Huawei and maybe not to the public, but to telecom operators, because they are the ones that buy Huawei."

"Huawei's record is clean."

The lack of public evidence to support accusations against Huawei has prompted industry analysts to suggest they are an excuse to shield US or European competitors against the rise of a Chinese challenger.


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