How to kill Coronavirus: An ObserveNow guide

 These are difficult and scary times, a pandemic known as Coronavirus has taken a toll on the entire world. Living under bans, curfews, and lockdown is one experience we never wanted to have. Plus, the constant fear of somehow contracting the virus is somehow always etched at the back of our minds. Today ObserveNow brings to you some information on 5 ways we know so far to kill Coronavirus: 


·    Kill it on contact-This one is very simple but something many of us forget to do many times. Always use protective gear when stepping out of the house, do not touch anything without your gloves, wear a mask at all public places, and maintain social distance even while buying essentials. As soon as you get home the first thing to do is to wash your hands without touching anything else and soaking your gloves in disinfectant water. Make sure you give some sunlight to your mask as well. 

·    Kill it from inside-Keep a chloroquine handy, consult with your physician on how to use it in case you or someone near you develops any symptoms. Do not consume without medical supervision. Chloroquine which has been used for decades to treat malaria has come in very handy for coronavirus. It does a very simple thing of changing the PH levels of human cells to make them less acidic hence less hospitable to certain viruses. 

·    Antibody Plasma- A relatively new concept that has surfaced is not a long-term solution but can definitely help people on the frontline dealing with the virus. The idea is to take an anti-body rich plasma from the survivors and inject it into newly infected or high-risk patients.  Plasma won't teach the body to completely fend off the virus bit will be like an added layer of protection. 

·    Decoys- Researchers have suggested that Coronavirus when contacted sticks to a protein on a human cell called ACE2 and multiplies rapidly from there. ACE2 is mainly found in the lungs and small intestines. So, if bioscientists create a synthetic molecule like ACE2 and trick the virus into binding with them, protecting lung cells from the damage. 

·    Boost your immunity- As per a few guidelines from the health ministry, one of the main ways to win the war against corona is to boost your immunity. Drinking ginger lemon honey water, adding basil leaves to your tea, refraining from heavy meat consumption, adding yoga and meditation to your lifestyle, walking 5000-1000 steps a day can really help you in the fight against Corona. 

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