How this startup is helming elderly fight COVID-19

The lockdown has kept most of us within the boundaries of our house. This condition is getting tough for senior citizens, who are more vulnerable to Covid-19 according to the WHO. Senior citizens with health issues like diabetes and blood pressure are even more at risk because people with medical histories have been found more prone to Covid-19.

Eldercare start-up, EMOHA, had found a way to make it better for the senior citizens with their #MissionEldersFirst initiative. The initiative was launched within a span of 48 hours of the announcement of lockdown. The features of the initiative include delivering daily essentials like groceries and medicines to the doorstep, online access to doctors, 24/7 emergency services in coordination with nearby hospitals and ambulance providers. In addition to this, EMOHA is building emotional support and well being of senior citizens by organizing online interactive programs for their engagement.

These services are made being available 24/7 to help elders, irrespective of them being paid customers or not. EMOHA has been encouraging young people to register themselves as volunteers for the initiative and complete MOMENT OF KIND ACTION (MOKA) by helping the elderly. More than 2500 volunteers have joined the initiative.

These volunteers are verified through Aadhar-based data and trained by EMOHA to maintain hygiene and follow social distancing norms, claims the start-up.

EMOHA Eldercare that was launched in 2019 has 24/7 helpline no across the Delhi-NCR region but the engagement program is available across the country on Zoom from 8 am to 8 pm.

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