How Facebook is capitalizing the COVID-19 lockdown

Tech giant Facebook is leaving no stone unturned to encash the digital boom unleashed during the Coronavirus lockdown. After its 5 billion-dollar ‘Project Redwood’ deal with Reliance Jio, Facebook has now announced that it will be making a big push into live videoconferencing. To capitalize on millions of people stuck at home due to the lockdown imposed worldwide. 


This new service will be called Messenger Rooms, and it allows users to interact with up to 50 people via a video call. Messenger Rooms is being built on the similar lines of Zoom and Housparty app which are being widely used right now for official and personal entertainment purposes. 


Speaking via a Facebook live CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg called it Facebook’s yet another effort to keep its users connected and engaged. 


“Video presence isn’t just about calling someone,” he said. “It is starting to be a fundamental building block of a private social platform with lots of new use cases.”


Zoom, in particular, has benefited vastly due to the lockdown. The Chinese videoconferencing company has claimed the number of people participating in Zoom calls on a single day have grown from 10 million at the end of December to more than 300 million people now. 


The free version of Zoom limits group calls to 40 minutes until you sign up for a paid subscription, but it can accommodate 1,000 people.


Facebook’s messenger rooms will be free to use and will allow people to drop and join other rooms and the host of the room can control who comes in to the room. Much like the popular house party. 


Facebook on record has said that they won’t “view or listen” to the calls and have announced to expand WhatsApp calls to 8 people at a time. Mr. Zuckerberg definitely does not want to miss out on any conversation. 

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