How Asian paints is showing a fine example of leadership

During the Covid-19 pandemic, when companies have been announcing salary cuts and firing their employees, Indias biggest paint maker company, Asian Paints has decided to take a different path altogether. Amidst the crisis, Asian Paints has decided to go ahead with their annual increments and raise staff salaries to boost the morale of their employees.

MD and CRO, Amit Synle told a news report I see this as a big opportunity to step in and interact with every single employee and assuage their concerns in an uncertain market place. We are not in the hire and fire business.

Following the announcement, the share prices of Asian Paints gained 2% to Rs. 1,554.

The assistance also includes hospitalization and insurance, full sanitization facilities for partner stores, and direct cash support. Alongside, Asian Paints also transferred Rs 40 crore into the accounts of their contracts.

 Despite, the expected hit in their sales due to the lockdown and social distancing, Asian Paints has decided to take the step so that employees’ well-being doesn’t get affected.

Asian Paints has also donated Rs 35 crore towards COVID Relief packages and is also making sanitizers as an aid in the nations battle against Covid-19.

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