Grooming talent has to be an ongoing journey: Chief Innovator QuadraBrain®

A transformations solutions company specializing in Neuro-accelerated change and learning interventions based on 15 years of research into the human mind, memory, and behavior. Quadra Brain helps to provide accessible coaching revolution that aims to disrupt access to quality coaching as the privilege of a few in an organization. It helps to provide each member of the organization an opportunity to enhance their success by working with global top coaches. 


ObserveNow recently caught up with Ms. Shweta Handa Gupta, Co-Founder, and chief innovator at QuadraBrain®to understand what kind of coaching they provide and the importance of mindfulness at work. 


Edited Excerpts from her interview: 


What exactly is your job as the Chief Innovator at QuadraBrain®?


My job is to create innovative solutions that make complex change easy for our clients. We believe every client’s change opportunity and change challenge is unique. My work involves leveraging multi-decade experience and neuro application research to create custom solutions that help organizations produce observable impact and financially measurable results from change and transformation opportunities.


A case in point would be the recently announced mergers of major PSU banks. This move is aimed to revive the economy by increasing the credit capacity of the banks, make them more competitive globally and increase their operational efficiencies! The leaders have also spoken about the technological and cultural similarities. It is a brave endeavor but, in my experience, the realization of planned benefits will depend on the quality of change leadership.


Any transformation triggers a transition period of lower productivity and failure rates of organization change remain at a whopping 61%! We work with organizations to reduce the non-productive transition period and ensure benefits realization from change.


Tell our readers how  QuadraBrain® ensures that everyone in an organization functions at their full potential? 


Our extensive research has shown that creativity, collaboration, and execution is a function of Brain States. We leverage our easy-to-use methods such as the Neuroscience @ Work program, the Affirmative Ideation innovation tool and the Neuro-Accelerated Change Leadership framework to manage brain states and tap into the potential of non-conscious intelligence.


After many years of working with the board and top leadership, we have recently launched an impact initiative - the Accessible Coaching Revolution- to help organizations create mentally conducive work environments. The Accessible Coaching Revolution aims to disrupt access to quality coaching as the privilege of a few and provide each member of the organization an opportunity to enhance their success by working with global top coaches.


Explain mindfulness at work today? 


Mindfulness is attention management in its highest form which allows us to be truly present in the present! Mindfulness involves deliberate awareness of every thought and feeling that occurs in the present moment. Deliberate concentration on the present moment allows you to develop superlative focus, superior observation capacity and expands your awareness to facilitate more effective and accurate use of your intuitive abilities.



What is it that corporates are missing out on to groom the talent in the best possible way and get the best outputs from them?

Grooming talent has to be an ongoing journey that is interwoven into the workplace. It is important, to begin with igniting curiosity and choosing programs that prime the learners to own and enhance their own learning and application. Positive brain states are also very crucial to the absorption, retention and application of learning. It all starts in the mind.


QuadraBrain uses over 15 years of experimentation, application and our published research to design programs that use brain sciences to enhance learning, application and behavior shifts.



What mindfulness activities can be practiced at the workplace today to enhance work efficiency? 


Organizations, not just individuals, can and should be mindful – Mindful organizations are those that dedicate themselves to paying attention - both inwards and outwards.  The active observation of new things in the external environment allows mindful organizations to be more responsive, adaptive and faster.  Looking within enables them to notice new things, anticipate and respond quickly to changes or problems within the organization.


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