Countries across the world are easing lockdowns; future remains uncertain

COVID-19 pandemic has indeed put life on earth to a halt, with many industries completely shut, the world economy has hit an all-time low. We are at least a year away from the vaccine and the future is uncertain. However, many countries are now starting to ease restrictions. India at the moment is still under lockdown till 3rd May and future course of action remains uncertain.


ObserveNow brings to you a roundup on COVID life across the world, in our special report: 


1-  China-As per the data available from China’s National Health Commission the mainland has just confirmed three new cases of coronavirus on the mainland with no new deaths. Of the two cases, 2 have returned from abroad and one is in a Chinese province bordering Russia. 


2-  Iran-Iran has planned to reopen Mosques in parts of the country that are corona free, the president has announced. The country will be divided into Red, Yellow, and White zones based on the number of cases and deaths. The white zone will be the safest and mosques will be allowed to open for Ramadan prayers. 


3-  Italy-Italy’s Prime Minister has announced to ease the 2-month lockdown from 4th May. May 4th will be the second phase of Italy’s lockdown under which bars, restaurants, will be allowed to service delivery and takeaways. Factories, construction sites will also reopen as long as they maintain social distancing protocols.


4-  South Korea-South Korea has emerged as one of the winners in tackling the Corona crisis across the world. They have flattened the curve, and have brought the cases down to below 20. SK is now investigating the chances of reinfection which will be beneficial in developing the vaccine. 


5-  New Zealand-New Zealand is also gearing up to emerge from a one-month lockdown. The country will be moving from Level 4 to level 3 restrictions. Under which the parliament will open, around 4,00,000 will return to work, some schools will reopen and delivery services will resume. 


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