COVID-19 will be a boom for Drone startups

Drones have been extreme for Indian markets until very recently. They are tough to handle, take time to get delivered, and need approval. But there has been a spike in the business for the drone industry during the Covid-19 crisis. 


Popularity in the West

In the West, Drones have been more common than here in India. There is still significant growth in the drone market in the west also in times of the pandemic. Majorly being used for capturing images, maps, and 3D models, Drone Analytics Market is to Grow With 29.8% CAGR by 2030 according to P&S Intelligence. 


Military and Agricultural association 

Drones have been using for defense purposes. A high standard is used by the Military. Slowly started becoming a part of the agricultural industry too.


Drone start-ups teaming up with authorities 

Many drone start-ups have teamed up with the authorities and police to deal with the situation. These unmanned aerial vehicles have become a necessity for the authorities to keep a check on the situation. Not only have drones assisted in crowd control and surveillance but they have also become a huge part of the sanitization drives by the government. This has resulted in the increased market value of drones and growth in the industry of unmanned aerial vehicles. 

To disinfect Bhubaneswars market area without human interface, spray drones were used. 


An important change in the market for drones, they have been going from international to regional during the pandemic.

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