Budget 2019: Items that got expensive and cheaper

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has presented the first budget of Modi 2.0 government. She says that the budget has been drafted keeping in mind a vision for the next 10 years. ObserveNowbrings to you a list of items have seen a price hike and cost cutting in the 2019 budget. 


  Items that got expensive 

  Gold& Silver 


  Imported Books 


  Cashew Kernels 

  Vinyl Flooring 

  Auto Parts 

  Synthetic Rubber 

  Digital and Video Recorder and CCTV Camera 

  Cigarettes, Video recorders, CCTV Camera 

 Fully Imported Cars. 


    Items that got Cheaper 

 Affordable Houses

 Electric vehicles

 Defence equipment not manufactured in India

  Raw and semi-finished leather



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