Asia Bibi verdict: The dawn of a new Pakistan?

In a historic verdict for Pakistan, the fate of a Christian woman in Pakistan rested in the hands of a few Muslim judges today as they ruled to acquit Bibi in an alleged case of blasphemy.

Asia Bibi was sentenced to Death in 2010 by a Pakistani lower court on charges of insulting Prophet Mohammad and the Quran (blasphemy) which is punishable by death in Pakistan. 

Now that she is free, it could lift a legal hurdle for her to go and live in Canada where she has been granted Asylum. 


What really happened? 

In June 2009, Noreen/Asia Bibi was accused of blasphemy after an argument with co-workers while harvesting berries on a farm near Lahore. When an argument broke out between her and her co-workers. As they refused to drink from the same bottle she (a Christian woman) did? She was subsequently beaten up, hated, humiliated, tortured, arrested, and imprisoned. 


Her case received worldwide attention, various petitions for her release were created by organisations aiding persecuted Christians such as Voice of Martyrs, including one that received 400,000 signatures, and Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis Called for the charges to be dismissed.



Asia Bibi Vs State 


It is okay to say that the constitution of every country is good to govern its citizens and is best suited for them. But particularly, in this case, it is hard to believe the statements of a few workers on a filed prompted after a most probable humane reaction of a woman who was discriminated on the basis of her religious choices could lead to her death. 


Even the Pak Supreme Court last year dismissed the case on the bases of insufficient evidence and irregularities in the statement of witnesses.  ObserveNow wants to know who is to say what was the truth? For all, we know she could have been falsely accused. She could have said something else which was so blown out of proportions that it led her to this point. Asia Bibi is herself a victim in this case. Her ordeal comes because of the minority religion she follows in a staunch country like Pakistan plus the fact that she is a woman. 


She has spent the last 8 years in prison, where she has been treated worse than a house rat. She has been subject to physical, mental torture, verbal abuse, spent most of the time in a solitary confinement cell of (2.4*3.0) m cell. She hasn’t seen her daughters in 8 years and is on a death row. And even though she is freed today she will never get to go home as there are the religious police who are waiting to slaughter her.


This much trauma is enough for a human to be mentally shaken, disturbed and scarred for life. Even if she did commit the act of blasphemy she has served enough for a punishment. 


Where PM Imran Khan boasts of a new Pakistan of the 21stcentury, hanging a woman to death on an alleged comment made by her seemed obnoxious and too fanatic. If hanged she would have been the first Pakistani Woman to be hanged for blasphemy. A kind of first neither Pakistan nor this world should have seen in the 21stcentury.  

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