A CEO's job is to make it work: CEO Vidsaga

36-year-old IIT Kharagpur alumni Nikhilesh Tayal knew he wanted to create something to help out organisations in today’s digital times. In 2015 he came up with a blog to feature prominent filmmakers and then converted it into a marketplace called Stagephpd.com. He ran this marketplace for three years and that’s when he realised that this is a global opportunity that needs a more specific approach.


In 2018 Nikhilesh revamped the company into a Vidsaga, a marketplace with more technical tools and features. Vidsaga is now a company that helps the organisation across the globe to create videos easily and helps them to connect with right video creators and empowers them with the right decision making and video performance management tools. 


In an exclusive interview with ObserveNowNikhilesh talks about the company, their future plans and how they plan to make Vidsaga the workplace of the future. 


Edited excerpts from his interview:  


Q- Tell us about Vidsaga and its functions?

Vidsaga.com is a global B2B marketplace to create videos. The idea is to help organizations across the globe to create videos easily, quickly and at the right price by connecting them with right video creators, enabling them with decision-making tools & video specific project management tools.


At the same time, help video creators (like animators, editors, production houses etc.) to get global work opportunities.


Q- What makes Vidsaga an ideal company to work for and how are you redefining your workplace for the future? 

'Ideal' would be an exaggerated term but we as a company has a very unique offering to our colleagues.


Just Imagine:

- Watching Videos is part of the job

- Discussing scripts, videos etc. is part of the job

- Interacting with actors, filmmakers etc. is part of the job


So, if someone is passionate about videos/ filmmaking plus 'Business' then Vidsaga could be the Right place for him/ her to work. Regarding Redefining, the workplace - In my experience, one should choose a job based on below 3 parameters (and in that order)


1. Learning Opportunity - We are making sure that our employees are learning futuristic skills. As we learn and acquire more practical/ sell-able skills, our market value keeps increasing (without us realising it)

2. Team - We spend most of our daily time with our colleagues, so it becomes a necessity that we are working with nice and sorted people - who motivate you, challenge you as well calm you down. We try to hire such people and create such an office environment

3. Fair compensation - We work for money. we might not pay a high salary but we make sure that we pay fair compensation for their efforts. 


Q- If you have to define the CEO job in just three words then what are those three words?   

Make It Work


Q- How is Vidsaga India upgrading itself to staff the upcoming boom of the millennial workforce? 


Honestly, we haven't thought like that but I can share my experience and thoughts regarding working with millennials Working with Millennial workforce has its own pros and cons - 

Pros - energetic, fast learner, adopt technology fast, hustler

Cons - Immature, lack work ethics, restless, get anxious/ depressed fast


So in order to attract and accommodate them, we need to take steps at 2 levels:

1. Hiring - Build trust, remove unnecessary restrictions related to timing/ clothes, make the office culture open

2. Make them learn some work ethics, calm them down, tell them it’s ok not to move fast sometimes 


 Q- Talk to us about the growing demand for digital talent and how are you promoting the and enabling digital mindset within your company?   

I do not think we have to enable the digital mindset within our company. The whole world is going digital so it’s an automatic process for everyone to understand the importance of digital talent. 

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