5 Yoga poses that will change your life

Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuji’ which means union. Yoga is an ancient Indian practice which brings our body in sync with our mind. 

Practicing yoga can bring physical, mental, and spiritual benefits and open our mind to a higher level of consciousness. 


PM Narendra Modi declared 21stJune as International Yoga day. So today ObserveNowbrings to you 5 easy Yoga asanas that you should practice everyday. 


1-   SuryaNamaskar- An ode to the sun god is the most beneficial aasans out of all.   It relaxes mind and body and is a great way to sync movement of body with the flow of breath.   It helps to open up all 7 chakras of the human body. 

2-   Utkatasna-  Commonly known as the chair pose it is an amazing way to generate heat and energy in the body.    It activates the core and legs, and challenges your mind to stay calm and positive.

3-   Virbhadrasana 3- Also known as the warrior 3. It activates your legs and fires up the Solar Plexus Chakra. It generates feelings of determination, confidence and willpower. 

4-   Natrajasana- Also known as the dancer pose. It activates your heart chakra. It helps create an open space in the heart and helps to maintain equilibrium in mind and body.

5-   Ardha Matsyendrasana-Also known as the half fish pose is the most beneficial asana. -It helps to stimulate internal organs and promotes healthy digestion, healthy spine. -It also helps in body cleansing and detoxification. 

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Taniya Tikoo

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