10 Reasons why Saudi Arabia is the worst country for Women in the world

Three women activists who were held in custody in Saudi Arabia for almost a year for campaigning for Women’s rights have been temporarily freed. Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia - Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has faced international criticism for his treatment of Human Rights in Saudi Arabia.

Several Woman’s rights activists were detained last year for campaigning against ban on driving, laws of Male guardianship and women’s positions in the society.

The detainees have been said to tortured, harassed, water boarded and even claims of rape have been made. For raising their voice against the kingdom. Saudi social structure is one of the worst in the world when it comes to Women’s rights.

The crown prince and the royality is supported by th US and many other countries in the world for their political gains and oil domination. The Saudi Aramco-- which is the State Oil company in the country is the only company in the world (currently owned privately by the Saudi Kingdom)  estimated to reach an evaluation on 10 Trillion dollars if made public. 

Below are 10 reasons why Saudi Arabia is the worst country in the world for women to survive. And why Saudi Women are constantly trying to flee this country:

1- No freedom to travel alone or get a passport without a male consent. 

2- No freedom to choose life partners and high rate of child marriage. 

3-Highest Domestic Violence numbers in the world.

4-Employment Discrimination.

5- Healthcare discrimination.

6- Inequality in Divorce, child custody and inheritance.

7-Heavy challenges to transfer guardianship.

8-Restrictions on leaving prision shelters.

9- Restrictions to study or travel abroad.

10- Extreme Political repression 

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