WHO warns against easing restrictions amid rise in COVID19 cases

As the death toll from the deadly Coronavirus has crossed 1,00,000 worldwide WHO (World Health Organisation) has warned governments across the world against rolling back restrictions and lockdown measures taken to curb the spread of the pandemic. 


WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom has said that “lifting restrictions could lead to a deadly resurgence.”


Although there has been a small decline in the increasing number of deaths in Europe especially Italy and Spain. But there has been an alarming acceleration in other parts of the world including the USA and a community transmission in 16 countries of Africa. Many health experts have warned that the actual death toll could be higher given the challenges of confirming the cause of death outside hospitals, limited testing kits, different rules for counting the dead and government cover-ups. 


With economically-crippling lockdowns extending in country after country and the vaccine at least a year away, the world currently faces an uphill battle. The real risk of resurgence is from asymptomatic people who are carrying and spreading the disease unknowingly. 


Meanwhile in India PM Narendra Modi has given a clear message to the opposition leaders saying that the lockdown may have to stay in place even after 14th April


“I have been speaking to chief ministers and district collectors and the common refrain is that it is not easy to lift the lockdown. We need to be strict in implementing social distancing norms so the general mood is that it will not be possible to lift the lockdown all at once.” 


The PM has called for another meeting today with all the state Chief Ministers for consultations, after which the center will take a final decision on the lockdown which was initially supposed to be oven on 14th April

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