"Exams in a pandemic? University Examinations during Covid-19, A Feasibility Analysis

Due to the Covid crisis, the Universities in India have been left with no choice but to prohibit any physical classes where students can come together in a classroom and benefit from a lecture. As a natural corollary, the Universities have also been grappling with the question of how exactly they can conduct the semester or annual exams for the purposes of assessment and promotion of the students of the Universities across India. A lot of indecision, inconsistency and confusion still prevails across the Universities of India as different Universities and different State Governments have taken different recourse towards addressing this problem.

The White Paper has been written and conceptualized by Fellow Roshan Santhalia (Advocate on Record at Supreme Court & Regional Operations Officer, AIPC for North India). Mr. Yogesh Sachdeva, Ms. Avani Bansal, Mr. Aalim Javeri, Mr. Amitabh Dubey, Mr. Ashish Srivasatava, Mr. Varun Chopra and Mr. Vijay Raj have provided vital inputs and edits to the White Paper.

The White Paper has been developed in pursuance of the thoughts and suggestions discussed during the Webinar/Online Session of around 90 minutes which was conducted on 17th July 2020. The Webinar was conducted by AIPC Delhi State on the topic “Exams in a pandemic? University Examinations during Covid – 19, a feasibility analysis. The Webinar was graced by erudite speakers like Shri Kapil Sibal (Formed Union Minister for HRD) and Sukhdeo Thorat (Former Chairperson UGC) amongst others. Some extremely interesting ideas were floated during this session. The ground level problems of the students were discussed threadbare and some possible alternative solutions were proposed during this session.

This White Paper has been written with the objective of going one step further from the Webinar conducted on 17th July 2020 by the AIPC Delhi State. In order to develop this White Paper, the fellows of AIPC Delhi State have researched extensively on the subject and written this White Paper for the benefit of the concerned stakeholders, University Professors, University students and the public at large. The broader concept on which this White Paper is premised is to highlight the terrible condition which the students of the Universities of India have been suffering due to the actions and omissions of the Union of India and the University Grants Commission (UGC). In the end, the White Paper also proposes some recommendations to the University Grants Commission, Union of India and the other concerned stakeholders.

This White Paper has been officially released through a Webinar event conducted by AIPC Delhi on 16th August 2020. This event was graced by Shri Kapil Sibal (Ex HRD Minister) and Shri Salman Soz (Deputy Chairman and Regional Co Ordinator, North Zone of AIPC) who officially released the White Paper during the course of this webinar event. The release was also followed by some question and answers raised by the moderator Shri Roshan Santhalia. 

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