Consumer preferences will change in a post COVID world claims Marketing director, Pizza Hut

Post Covid-19 world would be a different world. Though the degree of impact of change may vary it will emerge as a challenging phase for the economy. 

“Everyone has a ‘Covid-19 filter' applied to their conversations, which is bound to alter consumer behavior,” says Neha DK, marketing director of Pizza hut India.


 Neha has been awarded “The personal award of Yum! Global President”, Pizza Hut international for leading the Pan refresh project successfully. She has rich experience in marketing skills which includes Brand strategy development, consumer insights, product innovation, etc. 


She emphasized her theory of ‘filters' which are may impact the market post lockdown. They are priority, sincerity, and trust filters namely which brands must attain. These filters are likely to alter the consumer buying preferences post lockdown. 


Priority filter as the name suggests, makes consumers prioritize their buying as per the need. Which in turn may boost immediate demand for certain categories. She suggests that its brand's duty to investigate they have to be at the customer’s priority during this pandemic and modify their strategies accordingly. 


Sincerity filter is much related to the social obligation of brands that they must fulfill.  “I expect that going forward, more of us will be sensitive to how brands ‘sound' and how they ‘act’ towards communities and values they uphold at a human level” she quoted in an interview. 


As consumers are often driven towards their trusted brands, this situation is likely to affect this trustworthiness. Therefore, it is very necessary for brands to maintain trust relationships with their consumers by providing maintaining the quality of goods. 


‘There’s a need for brands to keep pace with the consumer, who remains as always, the king' says Neha, in context to the prevailing marketing conditions during the lockdown. 


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